No, I don’t cut myself. I have a toddler. 

No, I don’t cut myself. I have a toddler going through a scratching phase. 

My toddler is not always a sweet little angel. Come to think of it, the only time when she is an angel is when she is asleep. 

The rest of the time she is like a little doll. She looks all cute and snuggly. She gives kisses and says, “Pwease,” and “Dankoo.” You just want to eat her up. But then it happens. It always happens. She does something like try to dive off of the couch or marches on the kitchen table and I have to tell her no. Or, “we don’t do that.” This is when she turns into a monster. 

The little Gremlin. Except food doesn’t turn her, the word “no” does the trick. 

If you want to see my daughter go from cute to bat shit crazy, just tell her she can’t do something. It doesn’t even matter what it is.

Tell her she can’t eat out of the trash.

Tell her she can’t break a box of crayons in half. 

Tell her she can’t fly or “no touch.” 

The word no or the phrase “can’t” will get you clawed and beaten by a 34″ tall barbarian in my house. Even when her nails are cut, trimmed, and filed. 

 I always stop her from scratching and hitting but she leaves her mark on momma. 

If you see a mom whose arm looks like it has been clawed by a wild animal, she might just have a strong willed toddler at home. 

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Mischief Momma was started in 2016 to write about the playful truths of parenting and life. In 2017, MM began to focus more on writing about parenting and life on the spectrum and raising her daughter and stepson. She writes about the joys, humor, and struggles of raising children who are different, and navigating obstacles like childcare, education, and work. This mom writes about her journey upward after hitting rock bottom.

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