Advice to Future Moms

While you are young and making plans, I ask you to think about one simple question: What kind of mother do you want to be?

Public Meltdowns: How Should We React?

Tonight when it happened…all I could think was that every reaction I have had previously took made me feel like a failure. All of the research has pointed towards all of these approaches and yet the stares always feel like my reaction to her meltdown is what people look at. But I don’t know. Is it my reaction or her inability to calm down quickly enough?

I Only Feel Guilty When I Miss a Dose

Before I share a future post about why and how we came to the decision to medicate our daughter, I want to talk about the positive impacts it has had on our life. (Video link below). Previously, she was unable to sit for any activity. She went from toy to toy and show to show. WeContinue reading “I Only Feel Guilty When I Miss a Dose”

Dear Friends and Family, It’s Been a While

I never thought about that until today.

I don’t have time to get depressed or get my own therapy. I’m so busy holding it together for my daughter that it has completely and utterly consumed my entire life.

I tell myself it is probably nothing as it has always been nothing in the past; I just had a round of bloodwork that checked out okay. But what if it wasn’t?

What would happen if it wasn’t? I thought about this today and have never felt more alone.

It’s been a while.