Dear Friends and Family, It’s Been a While

I never thought about that until today.

I don’t have time to get depressed or get my own therapy. I’m so busy holding it together for my daughter that it has completely and utterly consumed my entire life.

I tell myself it is probably nothing as it has always been nothing in the past; I just had a round of bloodwork that checked out okay. But what if it wasn’t?

What would happen if it wasn’t? I thought about this today and have never felt more alone.

It’s been a while.

Click below to continue reading this post on “Finding Cooper’s Voice.” Thank you Kate for sharing it on your site!

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Mischief Momma was started in 2016 to write about the playful truths of parenting and life. In 2017, MM began to focus more on writing about parenting and life on the spectrum and raising her daughter and stepson. She writes about the joys, humor, and struggles of raising children who are different, and navigating obstacles like childcare, education, and work. This mom writes about her journey upward after hitting rock bottom.

7 thoughts on “Dear Friends and Family, It’s Been a While

      1. Your family will always consume you when one of your children has a special need. I don’t think people mean to be disinterested but they are afraid and so they say nothing. Two of my children have learning disabilities and for years all I did was fight for them. It was exhausting and no one wanted to listen, I felt so isolated and sometimes angry. I understand what you are going through, your child is part of your soul and when things aren’t right it just tears your guts out. Keep fighting, you have to and you will. ❤️💕

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  1. Hi. I’m Linell from South Africa. I was really moved by your post, it was so genuinely written. I don’t look after any kids but I would love to chat with you anytime about anything. Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you. 😊


  2. This post resonated so much with me. I first read one of your posts on Finding Cooper’s Voice, a post about your daughter and her high level of functioning and uncanny ability to spout these very detailed speeches when she was upset – it caught my attention because that’s my son. He’s 4 and we are working towards a diagnosis, reading your post made me feel like I wasn’t crazy and wasn’t alone. So that’s what I wanted to tell you – you are NOT alone. I know the isolation you’re talking about, I know the loss of friendships, and the things you’ll do to appease your daughter because I do them for my son. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing – you made this mama feel so much less alone.

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