I Only Feel Guilty When I Miss a Dose

Before I share a future post about why and how we came to the decision to medicate our daughter, I want to talk about the positive impacts it has had on our life. (Video link below).

Previously, she was unable to sit for any activity. She went from toy to toy and show to show. We could not listen to one song through and she was often self-injurious and a flight risk.  While she spoke words, she struggled with expressive language and conversation. She had no comprehension of danger and acted on every impulse she felt. She was also not in tune with her bodily functions such as urinating. It’s hard to remember all of our struggles since we have come such a long way. 

Over the past 18 months, she has thrived in therapy. My biggest call out is that she has been able to actively participate in therapy. She made strides with her language and her social skills soared from ABA. We have come such a long way. It took two years but she is fully potty trained. 

We can enter a public bathroom that has hand dryers. 

My neighbors can mow their lawn without her screaming. 

She can sit and play a game, do a puzzle, and sit through one show; she even plays with her dolls for hours and is fully engaged in her own imaginative play. 

While there are still struggles and deficits we work on every day, I am fully confident in my decision to use medication to help her. 

I noticed the biggest impact when I missed a dose on Thursday morning. In this video, I talk about what happens when I miss a dose. 

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2 thoughts on “I Only Feel Guilty When I Miss a Dose

  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I have been reading your blog and Finding Cooper’s Voice and I am really interested in hearing about your journeys with medication. My son is only 2 and has just begun ABA, so I don’t know what the future will bring. But I really appreciate being about to hear about the positive impact of meds in case we ever need to go this route. I myself take meds for anxiety. What’s been helpful for me to remember is to put them in one of those days of the week pill cases because some mornings I really don’t remember if I took my pill or not. Also, setting a daily alarm on my phone. Maybe that could help! Thank you for sharing your life. It means so much to me.

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    1. Thank you!! That was a hard one to share because when you admit to medicating a preschooler, the backlash is usually pretty harsh from people who do not understand. ❤️


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