New Foods & Our Upward Journey


We are currently on the upward side of our journey. This week, Ally has tried 3 new foods and I’ve been looking into summer camp options for her. She does well with her typical peers and we have her ABA company to help her transition…we just need to find the right place for her to go since so many in our area turned out to be wrong. In this video I discuss these parts of our journey. Check it out!

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Mischief Momma was started in 2016 to write about the playful truths of parenting and life. In 2017, MM began to focus more on writing about parenting and life on the spectrum and raising her daughter and stepson. She writes about the joys, humor, and struggles of raising children who are different, and navigating obstacles like childcare, education, and work. This mom writes about her journey upward after hitting rock bottom.

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