Day 6: You can’t listen when your mouth is running

We are bombarded by opinions and comments often. 

This is my advice to other families: Do not listen to what other people say about your child. 

I think the most common jab that we get are the constant comments from people trying to convince us our child doesn’t have autism. 

Or ADHD isn’t real.

We’re bad parents who don’t discipline. 




I don’t care if you are a nurse or work in a hospital.

Work in a school.

Work in a preschool. 

I don’t care if you studied psychology or took one developmental class twenty years ago or last month. 

I don’t care if you work with special needs children or are even a doctor.  

Unless you are a doctor specializing in the diagnostic methods and treatment of autism and other developmental disorders and have spent a day with my child in such a setting, shut the fuck up. 

To those people—you are not helping. 

You are part of the problem.

You can’t listen when your mouth is running. 

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Mischief Momma was started in 2016 to write about the playful truths of parenting and life. In 2017, MM began to focus more on writing about parenting and life on the spectrum and raising her daughter and stepson. She writes about the joys, humor, and struggles of raising children who are different, and navigating obstacles like childcare, education, and work. This mom writes about her journey upward after hitting rock bottom.

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