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Mischief Momma was established in 2016. She is a working NJ mom and step-mother of two kids, 12 and 3 and has an awesome husband who can sleep through almost anything. In 2017, she started advocating for an focusing on the special needs community. 

When she is not working, or cleaning, or playing with the kids, or yelling at them, or yelling at their stubborn bulldog, she can be found binge watching shows on Netflix and buying tons of shit she doesn’t need online. And wine-ing, 🍷of course. 

Laura is a successful non-fiction writer, essayist, blogger, author,  humor writer and poet. She received her MFA from WCSU in 2009, and has published one book, written for other blogs, published essays, and is currently dabbling in poetry. 

Mischief Momma also supports her local coffee shops due to her inability to brew a decent cup of coffee. She also supports her local liquor stores.




Below is a link to her book “Half of Never: A Memoir,” she has two additional works coming out in 2018, another full length work: “Funny Little Girl” and a collection of poety/prose TBA. Check back soon!