Teaching Students with Disabilities IS a Team Effort

Having a bunch of goals on an IEP with the expectation that a single teacher is going to solely execute them all on their own isn’t realistic. Think about it for a moment. If an elementary school teacher has twenty five students in their classroom and seven students have an IEP, each one with a dozen uniqueContinue reading “Teaching Students with Disabilities IS a Team Effort”

Autism Awareness Day, 2020, During COVID-19 Quarantine

As we approach Ally’s 6th birthday this Spring, we also approach 3 years since her official diagnoses. It was a June morning and we spent hours in a room with her Developmental Pediatrician. She was the third specialist on our journey, our third opinion. And while all three doctors along the way didn’t say thatContinue reading “Autism Awareness Day, 2020, During COVID-19 Quarantine”

Arresting Kindergarten Girls is Not the Answer

It is 2020 and we are arresting little girls and locking kids in closets at school because we expect them to behave, and to be two academic years ahead of where we were as kids. The United States is educated as a society but still, mental health and social-emotional development are threatened with pressures andContinue reading “Arresting Kindergarten Girls is Not the Answer”