There is no summer vacation for working autism parents

But for our family, there are no vacations and trips as we juggle to pay full-time babysitters and take separate weeks off from work just to get by.

Not following an IEP sets a child up to fail

I helped kids make little ghosts with glue and cotton balls and they all followed directions and listened, even Ally. Several kids wanted me to know that Ally isn’t nice to them or her teacher and asked me why doesn’t she like anyone?

“Why is so mean?” a little girl wanted to know.

My Hardest Truth as a Working Autism Mom

If you are a working parent to typical children, please try to understand what this is like before you complain about our kids or judge us. Imagine that your child’s after school program was shut down as of tomorrow and your school district won’t bus them anywhere else other than your home. Imagine you have one day to figure this out and no family to help you. What do you do? How do you feel?

That is what it feels like to be an autism working mom. Like a revolving door that just keeps swinging and you can’t keep up.

Balancing Work & Family Shouldn’t Be This Impossible (Unless You Work for a Coca-Cola bottler)

Being a working parent is hard. Being a working parent when your child has special needs is nearly impossible. And Stressful. And Expensive. If someone would have told me back in my 20’s that motherhood was going to set my career on fire, burn it to the ground, and take a piece of my marriageContinue reading “Balancing Work & Family Shouldn’t Be This Impossible (Unless You Work for a Coca-Cola bottler)”