Resources for Parents

If you have a female preschooler on the spectrum or is suspected of having ADHD, this article is a must read: “Aspien Girls”

* BRAND NEW* Facebook Support Group: Parenting Girls with High Functioning Autism

For NJ Parents:

New Jersey Autism Warriors Facebook Support Group Info

Facebook Support Group for additional special needs/Info

POAC Parents of Autistic Children — An incredible non-profit dedicated to providing events and activities for children, training programs for parents, police, and the community and much more!

PerformCare (Apply now because this shit takes forever, no income restrictions)

SPAN – Advocating for Special Education in NJ

NJ Inclusive Childcare Project (Contact them for issues with childcare, they can help train your childcare providers)

American’s with Disabilities Laws, Click here for instructions on filing a complaint

Autism NJ

Some of my favorite Blogs:

Finding Cooper’s Voice

Scary Mommy for Special Needs

Keeping up with Kya

Autism with a side of fries

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