This is what Inclusion looks like

Dumping students with IEPs into general education classrooms without considering an approach like UDL is like hosting a pizza party and only serving potato chips.

An Open Letter to the Parents in my Child’s Class

I’m not sure what you are going to hear about my child but I am sure you will hear something.
I hope they remember to tell you about the good stuff.
Like how she made your child laugh when they were crying.
Or how she colored a portrait just for them.

But they might only remember to tell you that she cried or screamed today.
That she did something out of the ordinary.

5 Weird Things About Muppet Babies Revival

My daughter’s new love of The Muppet Babies reboot brought me back to a time when things were simpler and kid’s television encouraged imagination and letting children work out conflicts and issues on their own (to a point). But in its resurrection, there are a few call outs about the show that has me wonderingContinue reading “5 Weird Things About Muppet Babies Revival”